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Web DesignYour Web Design & development can be the difference between success or failure!

BSc Web Designs is a Folkestone, (Kent) based Web Design and Development company, with Internet and real-life Marketing expertise.

We specialise in clean and effective web design, usability and building Content Management Systems and blogs, at a price you CAN a££ord!Web Design Kent

We have a Web Design solution to suit all pockets, really!
Have you thought about Renting a Website?

Do I really need a website?
Are you in business – yes or no? That’s your answer!
No apologies for being abrupt, but in 2016 if you are in business & you DON’T have a website…well, you’re treading water & slowly drowning – or maybe not so slowly.
Forget any cost or investment in web design for a moment, almost all businesses today are at least sourced on the Internet (Google etc.) before a telephone is lifted to call you or someone steps over your business doorway.
How about this:
Over 80% of all High Street type purchases are first of all sourced online before a sale is ever made. That goes for Services too. So, no website presence = 80% market loss before you even open the door of your business in the morning. There are a multitude of other very positive reasons why a website is vital to keep & grow your business.
So, do you really need a website?


A website’s sole purpose is to communicate effectively with your clients, existing & potential, and that’s exactly what our websites do!

Too often we disregard the vital importance of a well constructed website. Or, we think that because it’s fancy & has ‘moving parts’ that it’s a winner…well, let’s get one thing straight!
99% of the time, a website is there to sell!
Yes sell!
Perhaps an idea or encouragement to join a club or society or even donate, but commercially or otherwise, proper Web Design & implementation is required to get… YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS!
Don’t get caught up in the gimmicky side – you want it to work for you – it’s a tool!

At BSc Web Designs, we firmly believe in using the right tool for the right job.

We are Web Designers and Developers and have a thorough understanding of what makes a website effective.

Effective Websites

You see, a website can look outstanding, pretty, articulate and any other adjective we can think of to describe it. It can even have incredible functionality with all sorts of bells and whistles on it. It can talk to you, show movies and have a number of interactive features.

Does all of this make it effective?

Does any of it make it effective?

Can a simple site be more effective than the types described above?

Of course, the best sites do have great web design & look good and may have some features. However, the overriding factor must be that it is effective and what that means is, it must be seen, it must be seen by your target audience for it to be any good at all. No amount of ‘extras’ or flashy gimmicks will compensate for a site that isn’t found on a Search Engine such as Google.

Website Visibility

And of course, we at BSc Web Designs ensure that your website design is built in a way that will work and will be visible. (You can have bells and whistles too if you really want…)

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